Hi dear friends! I feel a bit excited today about this email list (its not easy to excite me with an email list!), but I want to share with you this that came into my hand: 1000 million emails!!!!!! I didnīt have time to go through these or to study the niches or anything else about the emails. But hey, even if you only sell these lists you could make BIG MONEY!!! It contains gmail, yahoo, live, hotmail & more email adresses all sorted and classified for you

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Methods for sending Unlimited e-mails per day Via HostGator​

Create 2 accounts with hostgator. you can send 500 e*mails per hour per account.e*mails never go as spam.

24 x 500 x 2 = 24,000 e*mails per day. use your paypal account and your credit card for creating 2 hostgator account
1) Go to hostgator Dot Com
2) Select Hatchling web hosting plan
3) Put “UNLIMITEDEMAILS” Coupon code
4) When you fill application select I have alreaday have domain
5) Then Put any your area website
6) Complete with 0.01$ per month for unlimited e-mails